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GitKraken CLI.


Welcome to GitKraken CLI!


$ main pr list


  -h, --help   help for gk


  • gk account - Manage your account and your organizations through your browser
  • gk feedback - Leave us a comment, report a bug or suggest a new feature
  • gk graph - Open a visual commit graph in GitKraken Client (default) or GitLens/VS Code
  • gk issue - List and view issues
  • gk launchpad - List and view all work-in-progress, pull requests and issues in a workspace
  • gk login - Log in to your GitKraken account
  • gk logout - Log out of your GitKraken account
  • gk org - List organizations and switch between them
  • gk patch - Interact with GitKraken’s Cloud Patches
  • gk pr - List and view pull requests
  • gk provider - Manage integrations with service providers
  • gk settings - Set gk config parameters. See full help with ‘gk settings -h’
  • gk status - Display context information about the current repository, such as pull requests and WIP
  • gk trial - Reactivate trial license
  • gk user-info - Check the state of your GitKraken account
  • gk version - Show gk version
  • gk workspace - Interact with your workspaces. Alias: ‘ws’
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